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Smokers over the years have become some of the most inventive people out there in the market place and the bongs and glass pipes of today provide a shining example of that spirit.

Dry Herb Vaporizers

Clearomizers and Tanks

Dry Herb Vaporizer is a herbal vaporizer pen made for all types of aromatic blends, dry herbs
Tank, are also called Clearomizers, they are typically a clear looking tank with a atomizer inside. Atomizer is the core of the device that converts e-juice into vapor. Usually two main types of atomizers, top-coil atomizer where vapor is produced mid- or towards top of the tank, and bottom-coil atomizer where vapor is produced at the bottom of the tank.



Grind your herbs and tobacco to the perfect consistency with this superb range of herb grinders, sifters, graters, and pollen pressers.
With a range of weighing scales we offer a great choice of options for accurately weighing any small item from jewelry, medicines or culinary ingredients such as herbs or spices. Choose of traditional balance scales, pans, digital scales or kitchen style scales.